How To Book a Commission

Let’s Make a Painting Just For You…



Painting commissions has a very special place in my heart.  I find it a huge honour to create a bespoke piece of art for my client’s home and believe that the process should be very personal and treasured by both my client and myself.  

For this reason, I keep my commission places limited, as I only give my very best to this work and the very special paintings that are being entrusted to me. I only open up my calendar for commissions once or twice a year and only take on about a dozen or so clients to ensure that I create only the most exquisite paintings for my most treasured clients and their homes.

If you are interested in commissioning a work from me then please purchase a Commission Proposal pack below.  The cost is $195 (plus GST for Australian Clients)

This pack includes the following:

  •  A document detailing each step of my commission process and the information I require from you to prepare you proposal document and quote

  • A reserved place in my commission calendar

  • Consultation by email, phone, or in person  (if you are in my home town of Ballarat.)

  • A detailed, illustrated commission proposal document outlining your project so we are crystal clear on your project before I begin.

  • A quote and deposit amount required before beginning work along with a contract.



If you would love to learn more about commissioning a painting from Susan but are not quite ready to book in, then please sign up below to download “Your Guide to Planning a Commissioned Art Work”. This free PDF will guide you through the pre-planning process. We will also send you a VIP notification when the next round of commissions re-opens before announcing to the general public.


Things to Know

  •  I only paint commissions in my own floral, botanical and abstract styles (see my website and Instagram for lots of inspiration).  I don’t paint human or animal portraits or in styles that are not my own.

  •  I don’t accept commissions with very tight deadlines. Beautiful things take time and stressed artists don’t paint good paintings.

  • I don’t accept commissions for anything smaller than 30” x 40”

  • Because they take so much more time and consideration in meeting your specifications, commissions are always more expensive than similar sized personal work that you may have seen listed in my shop.

  • If you purchase a Commission Proposal pack and upon receiving your initial information I discover that I am unable to fulfil your commission request, I will refund the full value of your pack.

  • Please note that as it takes several hours for us to compile a Commission Proposal, it is not refundable should you choose not to proceed with your project once it has been fully outlined. 



Working with Suse on the stunning commission she produced for my family and me was an absolute joy.

Initially, we talked and I showed her what I loved about her work, then she came to my place and saw where her beautiful production might hang.

Suse understood and celebrated the vibe of my home and its inhabitants within moments, and we bonded (and furiously agreed) over the colour palette which declared itself so fast under her expert eye...
— Read On To hear More about Elizabeth Lacey's commission experience

“…Suse then produced some studies: all of which were glorious. The hardest – and most luxurious - part was sitting with my kids and choosing which of them was the most glorious to us. Which of these would become an image of which we’d never tire?

And that’s exactly the gift that Suse has given us with her work.

Together, we then sat in her beautiful studio and made the tweaks we agreed were required to the palette and her vision: and then, oh the excitement as we watched it all come to life!

We call her MOAC, this beautiful creature who adorns our walls, because she was and is the Mother of All Canvases! She’s much more beautiful than the name suggests – her size gives her such majesty, but her name and rich colours, textures and depth reflect the beauty, joy and sense of humour which was so integral to what Suse created for us through this wonderfully collaborative commission process.

Any changes or ideas that I wondered about, Suse understood and reflected, but there were very few, because she just knew!

The integrity of this magnificent artist, her work and her process are pivotal to bringing one of her commissioned works into being. So too was Suse’s understanding that this was a piece which would be, and is, central to my family and our home.

The fun we had along the way makes me smile every time I catch another glorious glimpse of the magnificent work that adorns a massive wall behind the table where we take every meal: it’s the heart of our home. This piece of art is a character in our home in her own right. Visitors gasp when they see her and remark on her beauty and the way her colours and light reflect us, and our vibe.

The process of a commission from Susan Nethercote is a beautiful experience in its own right, and the magnificent art Suse will produce, just for you, is the gift that gives every single day: her work will make your walls soar and sing, and your heart so very glad.”


Examples of Other Commission Work