Susan Nethercote

Susan Nethercote


I started out researching, tutoring and lecturing in Fine Arts at the University of Melbourne. Most of my professional career has been as the designer and owner of the Australian women’s clothing label Manque Design.  I have also spent a lot of time coaching creative professionals to greater business success in my consulting practice Creative Conversation.

But my first and greatest Love is making Art, which I have been doing my entire life.

Since having my first child in 2011, I have devoted increasing amounts of time to painting. In 2016 this became my primary profession. Alongside a full commissions calendar and regular releases of new bodies of original paintings and prints, I also teach lush in-person workshops in my home studio. I have also enjoyed the enormous privilege of hosting an artist’s retreat on the French Riviera.

Working from my home studio in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, I predominantly sell my work privately and by commission. My paintings are held in private collections in Australia, US, Canada, Germany, France, Belgium and UK.

Artist’s Statement


I’m Susan, but please, call me Suse.  

I’m a painter living with my husband and kids in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.  I moved to a beautiful 1860’s house in this grand old town after packing up my life as a fashion designer in Melbourne a burned-out, hot mess.  I had two beautiful girls, picked up a paintbrush again, and my creative life exploded in completely unexpected ways. 

 My greatest surprise was that art healed me in ways that I could never have imagined. And an even bigger suprise, was the sense of joy, peace and happiness that it brought to those who bought my art. 

 It is my great honour to embrace the life of an artist and spend my time bringing forth beauty and grace in the form of paintings that enrich the homes of my collectors.  And it is my joy to share with my students how I go about my intuitive painting process with an abandon that I firmly believe is completely accessible to anyone.  

Welcome to my art world, thanks for coming along for the ride. I hope you join me on many creative adventures. 



“Painting is, for me, taking a walk with the soul of nature

Susan Nethercote

“My abstract floral and botanical work seeks to capture and communicate the dynamism and magic of nature through fluid, expressionistic and colourful interpretations of nature’s treasures.  To me colour is medicine and flowers are a universal language of the soul.

I am endlessly fascinated by how art is able to access the parts of ourselves for which we have no words. Painting is, for me, taking a walk with the soul of nature.

I paint primarily in acrylics and mixed media. Our beautiful and ever-changing garden is my constant inspiration and nothing gives me greater joy that working out on the verandah on a fine day while my girls play in the garden.”